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Art studio and sculpture forest open by appointment. Prices include taxes, personal delivery and installation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Feel free to contact us for more information or to plan your visit.

Living Light

Solid stainless steel pump parts, construction steel

Bases: 10 x 10 x 82 cm
From large to small:
154 cm, 30 kg
146 cm, 25kg
111 cm, 20kg

€ 3300



Sculpture and wall object
Recycled stainless steel pipes from the food industry

Diameter: 122 cm
Weight: ± 25 kg

€ 5000

bart lebesque metal art


Sculpture with light source
Corten steel, cut out by hand

One of a kind pattern
Limited edition 5/5

Height: 150 cm
Diameter: 20 cm
Weight: ± 12 kg

€ 1500



Stainless and corten steel
Fod industry origin

Size: 122 x 30 cm
Weight: ± 19kg

€ 2275

femia bart lebesque art