About Bart Lebesque

Bart Lebesque (1983) is a Dutch visual artist and sculptor who lives and works in the small nature reserve ‘de Maashorst’. Lebesque is renowned for reusing high-quality waste metal from industrial factories and the food industry. Unlike many other metal artists, he does not use robot-controlled machines or computers in his creation process. Every part of his work is harvested, processed and shaped with his own hands.

The school system wasn’t a great fit for his creative mind. After experiencing great difficulties with reading, writing and math, he was labelled with dyslexia and dyscalculia. He left school as quickly as possible. From the age of 16 he worked as a mechanical engineer, of which a large part in the raw world of the metal industry.


Every free minute he spent on developing his craftsmanship and artistry. Step by step he built his dream life, breaking free from old labels, expectations and beliefs. His art is a reflection of this quest to his true self.

Lebesque focuses on experimenting with combinations of materials, techniques and treatments that, according to common standards, should not be possible. His work consists of metal sculptures, monumental objects, wall art, photography and installations.

As an artist, he did not take the most common route either. He is autodidact and consciously chose an entrepreneurial approach. His art can be seen at technical organizations, universities, hospitals, in public spaces and private collections.

In addition to his work as an artist, Bart Lebesque teaches master classes and art retreats in nature. As a guest lecturer and speaker he inspires young people who do not fit into the system to break free from their labels and take leadership over their lives.

Artist CV