Living Light

Solid stainless steel pump parts, construction steel

Bases: 10 x 10 x 82 cm
From large to small:
154 cm, 30 kg
146 cm, 25kg
111 cm, 20kg


Zero State

Sculpture / Wall art
Recycled stainless steel form the food industry

Size: 90 cm diameter
Weight: 19 kg



Corten steel base, stainless steel

Size: 122 x 30 cm
Weight: ± 19kg



Wall object
Stainless steel, brass

Size: 164 cm diagonal
Weight: 30 kg



Wall object 
Recycled stainless steel pipes from the food industry

Diameter: 122 cm
Weight: ± 25 kg


About Bart Lebesque

Bart Lebesque (1983) is a Dutch visual artist and sculptor who lives and works in the small nature reserve ‘de Maashorst’. After experiencing great difficulties with reading, writing and math, he was labelled with dyslexia and dyscalculia. He left school as quickly as possible and worked as a mechanical engineer and welder from the age of 16. Step by step, he built his dream life as an independent artist. His art is a reflection of this quest to his true self.

Lebesque is renowned for reusing high-quality waste metal from industrial factories and experimenting with combinations of materials, techniques and treatments that, according to common standards, should not be possible. Every part of his work is harvested, processed and shaped with his own hands. His work can be seen at technical organizations, universities, hospitals, in public spaces and private collections.